Wedding Rings Stamp?

16 Feb

Today I went to a branch of the United States Post Office because I needed some stamps. I asked what my choices were, because I like a little variety in my correspondence. The amazingly pleasant postal clerk told me that there was only one “choice.” She hands me the wedding rings stamp; for a second I thought it was a joke. In many other countries, the images on stamps are actually artwork, and mostly collectible. Okay.

So I ask her: “Why wedding rings? Is there a theme?”

She says: “Yeah, the theme is wedding rings.” Looking at me like I am not only a ridiculous marriage-hating fool, but possibly insane.

So I spent $8.80 on assisting in the propagation of something that I have less belief in than almost anything else (save the humanity of most Republicans). But, whether I dig marriage or not, why the fuck is the only available option for postage at a main branch of the Richmond, Virginia United States postal service an image of conjoined wedding rings?

Possible reasons:
1) It’s wedding season.

2) It’s a subversive proponent of gay marriage.

3) It’s a hateful opponent of gay marriage.

4) The celebration of mundanity is in season.

5) They couldn’t think of anything else.

6) It’s open season on spinsters.


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