bin Laden, pornography, & liberation

16 May

A recent NY Times piece cited the Navy Seals’ discovery of a stash of pornography in the raided bin Laden compound. ( It is unknown whether bin Laden or any of his associates used said pornography, or where it came from.

Quoted in the article are words from a 2002 letter bin Laden wrote to “the American people: “Your nation exploits women like consumer products or advertising tools, calling upon customers to purchase them. You plaster your naked daughters across billboards in order to sell a product without any shame. You have brainwashed your daughters into believing they are liberated by wearing revealing clothes, yet in reality all they have liberated is your sexual desire.”

The sudden declaration of this treasure trove of porn is circumspect, to say the least, however its appearance cannot help but illuminate the glaring hypocrisy demonstrated by bin Laden and any man (Islamic or otherwise) who insists that any worship of God is dependent on a structure that largely relies on the inferiority and subservience of women.

Who really cares if bin Laden was a fan of “Buttman in the Crack”?! But claiming that America is the devil because its daughters wear revealing clothes is utterly spurious and ridiculous. How can a man who insisted that all of his wives obey the strict rules of purdah even begin to talk about whether or not women are “liberated by wearing revealing clothes”? Are women liberated who cannot leave the four walls of their house? Are women liberated who cannot vote, who belong to their husband, who are in a family of sister wives?

But that’s not even the point: bin Laden could not care less about the liberation of women, in any form.


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