Dominique Strauss-Kahn: victim of conspiracy or attempted rapist?

23 May

The Associated Press published a report on the perceived general response of the French public towards the (now-former) IMF president Dominique Strauss-Kahn, given his recent arrest on attempted rape charges, and the subsequent accounts that have begun rolling in regarding previous sexual assaults he has made.

57% of French people polled in the unnamed poll assert that DSK is the victim of a conspiracy plot determined to undermine his planned bid for the Socialist presidential nomination, with many of those polled claiming that their suspicions were justifiable given the presumption that any self-proclaimed “seducer of women” would not have to resort to assault to satiate his sexual appetites, nor would any responsible hotel maid enter an occupied room without consent and accompaniment.

(Attached below is the link to the article:)

DSK himself has previously claimed that he faced three main obstacles to the French presidential prize (or at the very least, the Socialist nomination): “money, women, and my Jewishness.”

Apparently the facts that he is an extraordinarily rich, out-of-touch businessman and the head of a for-profit corporation which still insists that its best interests are the financial plights and potential growth of developing countries’ economies, are not considered deterrents when campaigning to lead a socialist party.  If the head of the French Socialist party can conceivably be a banker, then the Presidents Clinton and Obama can presumably be considered leftist as well I suppose.

To return to the assumption that any successful and storied philanderer would not need to rape someone, he could get some easily with smooth moves and sweet talk, is to completely and utterly misunderstand the workings and manipulation of predation. It is to assume that the only individuals who rape and sexually assault others are those who cannot get it without attacking for it. The idea that only “freaks” and/or social outcasts (obvious criminals or derelicts) assault women is so totally off-the-mark that it seems elementary to even have to declare it such.

DSK is obviously an entitled, charismatic, power-hungry, egoist. Sociopathic behavior, contempt for women (sometimes hidden as appreciation of women), and an overblown sense of self (revealed in his statement that the only reason he would not achieve the French presidential seat is because he is a rich, womanizing Jew) are the relevant characteristics to consider in this case, not the paranoid, self-aggrandizing suspicions of a conspiracy plot.


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