Palin v. Bachmann 2012

31 May

According to, Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are shaping up to be adversaries in the run-up to the Republican nomination for President:

Neither woman has declared out-right her intentions for next year’s presidential election, but such uncharacteristic (for both) reticence on the part of intention-declaring cannot be taken at face value.
In her release of an official Tea Party response to President Obama’s State of the Union address some months ago, Bachmann usurped the Republican party’s presumed first response; in doing so she revealed a Palinesque acumen for high drama and strategic ego-insertion. What other ways do the two women measure up?

1) Well, they’re both extremely wacky, prone to historically and geographically inaccurate declarations (concerning Russia, the birth of the American Revolution, the long-running war between Iran and Iraq);

2) Both women remain completely convinced of their children’s marriageability and overall sexual desirability (tweens included);

3) Neither women, campiness withstanding, cares a whit about gay rights, gay culture, and gay votes (though they do make for fascinating impersonations via drag queen);

4) Both women are super-hot, supine, brunette MILFs.

5) Do either of these politicians have advisors? Because I’m fairly certain that they are the same person, on the ballot sheet at least.

(Below is a link to several of Bachmann’s lesser (I mean greater) moments, (Palin’s enormous inventory of gaffes do not really need listing at this point):

Meanwhile, as Bachmann acts like a working Minnesota politician in the House of Representatives, Palin continues her post-one-year-governorship orgy of ego-worship. Last week she inaugurated her “East Coast tour” with a Rolling Thunder tour of Washington, D.C.

Bachmann can try as hard as she wants, but her reputation for gay-hating, bashing, and evangelical pseudo-conversion cannot possibly measure up to Palin’s side-saddling on the back of a chick’s hog.


According to a Huffington Post blogger, an over-active high school science brain is working hard to both draw attention to and defeat Bachmann’s hair-brained anti-evolution beliefs and claims concerning the veracity of “intelligent design.”

Check it out:

And after you’ve finished reading about this industrious brilliant teenager, stop and think about the possibility of an American president who doesn’t not believe in evolution.


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