DSK released due to victim’s “credibility”

1 Jul

French financier Dominique Strauss-Kahn was released from house arrest today, after the hotel chambermaid he allegedly sexually assaulted came under increasing scrutiny due to lies, hedging, and half-truths.


My first thought upon reading this was not relief for DSK (he remains a cochon whether or not this particular woman was lying), nor was it sympathy or outrage for the chambermaid. Instead it’s frustration. For every victim turned liar or embellisher there are a seemingly unlimited number of women who have not lied or made up confusing stories–they have  actually factually suffered rape and sexual assault, and, if they bother to go to the police, risk facing disbelief, disrespect, humiliation, and more trauma.

Because of events like this (which achieved an enormous amount of publicity because of DSK’s position in the IMF, and the fallout between the U.S and the outraged French), any assaulted woman anywhere now faces even more doubt, scrutiny, and accusation. Because of events like this, one more woman will question as to whether or not she should go to the authorities and report her experiences. Because of events like this, misogynist douchebags like DSK will go back to thinking that their actions won’t have negative consequences.


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