Not just any woman will do…

6 Jul

This post is written specifically in response to the post I wrote on Sunday. Afterwards, I started thinking about the possible interpretations of what I’d written. It could potentially appear that I was implying that what was of paramount importance for me, feminism, or the culture-at-large was a female president. All that ultimately mattered was that a woman finally be elected: any woman will do.

This is absolutely not what I intended! Further, I have yet to see a female politician existing in the upper echelons of this country that I find personally suitable or desirable for the office of President of the United States. (Maybe Michelle Obama, but she’s technically not in political office.) In 2008, much was made of the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton was gearing up to a victory as President. I gotta admit: not only did she not fill the leftist bill, Obama didn’t either. I personally supported John Edwards for the Democratic nomination; his leftist populist, labor-centric politics suited my views much more so than the lady or the black man.

I cite this personal opinion because I think it’s important to always remember that it’s not just about the demographic of the candidate. A female politician cannot assumably be any more feminist than a male politician. Her status and success can be incontrovertibly attributed to the advances achieved through feminism in this country, but that doesn’t mean she’s grateful. Clinton is a warmonger, Palin is a hater, Bachman is a homophobe and Jesus freak, Ferraro was a token.


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