Wrinkles between my boobs

11 Aug

Suddenly, in the NYTimes, in the HuffPost blogger, on Regis and Kelly Live!, there’s a real flurry of concern surrounding the potential for wrinklage between aging breasts.


A plethora of products are available: a kind of reverse bra that supports the skin-between while sleeping, a pillow that rests between if the idea of a bra in bed is uncomfortable, pads of silicone, a syringe of Juvederm.

Aside from the obvious response of “one more thing for a woman to worry about!”, there is the underlying more insidious corollary…who’s deciding what is unattractive, unseemly, negative, and in need of repair? How do products spun as helpful and forward-thinking suddenly appear as ubiquitous and necessary?

Most significantly (and malevolently) is the effect these products maintain over ways of looking at oneself. It is almost impossible not to read and absorb the current coverage without wanting to look down at the space between one’s boobs. And that’s the problem: the concern is artificially created by the products themselves. After a time, if the product’s spin is effective, drugstores everywhere will carry products of breast wrinkle amelioration, female “role models” will speak about their products of choice, and feminist writers will opine about all the ways the natural aging process is derided, negated, and vilified for any woman anywhere. (But the counter-spin inadvertently works for its opponent, drawing more attention to the “problem” area.)

Aging inevitably, gracefully, naturally is not a “choice” a woman must make; to look at it as such is to elevate the anti-aging industry to the level of naturalness, normality, and the biologic life-cycle that all bodies go through. It fundamentally is not.


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