Michele Bachmann: “a fool for Christ” and fool for love

12 Aug

Because of previous statements made by her– on the stump and at the pulpit, Michele Bachmann was asked by a moderator at the recent GOP presidential nominee debate if she would continue her loudly declared policy of submission to her husband while president of the United States.


Bachmann has stated that she followed a vision sent from God depicting her marrying her husband on his family’s farm, that she obeyed his belief (sent to her via him from God) that she become a tax lawyer, and finally, that it was the two Big Men in her life that convinced her to run for political office.

Portraying her decisions as those initially decided by God, and then funneled through her husband, she implies that her decisions and actions are fundamentally and religiously validated, to be neither questioned nor rejected. A conduit for the will of God, she can only obey Him and her husband, and ultimately still manage to become one of the most visible (read:powerful) women in the United States. To decry or criticize her politics, lifestyle, or belief is to criticize God’s will, a sacrilege and outrage against biblical tenets. (Indeed, to go along is to assume she has been “chosen.”)

Though her husband is a known kook–unlicensed psychotherapist and propagator of the “pray away the gay” ideology, Bachmann has consistently claimed that she has followed her husband’s wishes throughout her political climb; it is therefore impossible not to wonder how any and every decision she might make while holding higher office would be suggested, declared, or relayed as Divine Will by her master, Mr. Bachmann.

While Hillary Rodham Clinton was running for president, many wondered how her husband might influence her political decisions if she was employed in the Oval Office. Generally, such a question would be repellent, implying as it does that a woman does not and could not make her own decisions; however, Rodham Clinton’s husband’s previous job suggested that the wonder was pertinent. In this case, when a politician has vigorously and frequently spoken of her devoted submission to her husband, such a wonder is shockingly relevant.


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