When buried alive, an engagement ring can serve as a useful tool

21 Dec

Michelina Lewandowska and her boyfriend moved from Poland to Britain several years ago. But now, engaged and with a small son, the boyfriend decided he wanted her out. So, one day he tasered Michelina, shoved her in a box, and buried her–leaving a large tree branch on top of the shallow grave for good measure.

Lewandowska, upon awaking and finding herself buried alive, thought fast and used the only tool she possessed: her engagement ring. Using the ring’s edges, she sliced through the tape binding her ankles; using the ring’s convex grooves, she dug her way through the dirt and up to the wood’s open air.

Though Lewandowska and her boyfriend had previously broken up, she continued to wear her engagement ring. Perhaps it symbolized hope, a vague future of possibility, or an end-route in which she had no way out. Well, it turns out that pesky symbol possessed something she truly needed: a weapon for survival.



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