Newsflash: Republican chubby schlub calls Michelle Obama a “fat ass”

23 Dec

Despite the fact that this newsflash is so outrageously stupid that it shouldn’t even be commented on, I still would like to make a few points.

Look at the Jezebel cite, which also provides the initial leak:

Next, let’s take a look at the participants:











Above is the Wisconsin Republican Jim Sensenbrenner….no words need to be added here.

Below is Michelle Obama:
















Whatever your politics, the objective description here remains that Michelle Obama is NOT fat, Sensenbrenner is; Michelle Obama is NOT ugly, Sensenbrenner is.

But, like Jezebel asserts, it absolutely does not matter what Mrs. Obama looks like. Yes, the whole thing is too stupid, but, the scandal  directly draws attention to the momentously obtuse, contradictory, and chauvinistic standards of beauty and ways of looking at women that still influence opinions, opportunities, and ideologies in the U.S.

Hypothetically, the ugliest, fattest and stupidest man in America feels completely obliged and free to critique any and every woman he comes across.

Several months ago at the wine bar I worked in, I waited on three middle-aged, objectively unattractive white men. As they continued to relax and drink, their conversation became free enough that they felt no compunction about discussing their views on female beauty. I cleared their wine glasses as one man referred to a “2 a. m. date”: i.e. a woman you would never collude with during business or early evening hours; i.i.e.e. she was “ugly.”

This structure of evaluation, wherein the average woman is relentlessly scrutinized by all (including herself), does not transfer over into an equally shrill, hateful, dated, patriarchal, myopic structure of evaluation of the male.

Yes, this whole newsflash is ridiculous, but that does not mean that the attitudes underneath it should not be called out and decimated.



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