Any woman’s right to choose in Virginia

26 Feb








The past couple of weeks in Virginia have been vexing for any woman who likes to make up her own mind, and take care of her body as she sees and believes fit. The Virginia General Assembly attempted to pass two bills, both of which would have enormous impact on the reproductive and individual rights of all women in the state.

The “personhood” bill would grant individual rights to the teeny cells barely beginning slowly after the sperm reaches the egg. The other bill–which has received more national attention–mandated that any woman considering an abortion must first undergo a transvaginal ultrasound: the device is inserted into the vagina. This procedure does not serve any wellness purposes whatsoever. Its irrelevance implies that its purpose is sheerly to intimidate the female patient: physically and psychologically. The “personhood” bill possesses a more symbolic purpose, its intentions being merely to further the anti-choice movement all the way to the complete prohibition of abortion.

Because of an apparently unexpected amount of public outcry, both bills have been (temporarily) shelved. Depending upon the upcoming elections, both bills may be a bit harder to eradicate.


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