The Republican Party and its “War on Women”

7 Mar

Today, at his first press conference of the new year, President Barack Obama was asked where he stood in terms of what, as many within the Democratic Party have suggested, has become a kind of political, legal and cultural war on America’s women.

(For some examples on this war, check out:

Obama, as one might guess, equivocated somewhat, using semantics to deflect where he might actually stand against what has increasingly become the Republican party’s hardline against contraception, social services, domestic violence, education, and female freedom.

It doesn’t take a slut to realize that the outcry against contraception as included in one’s company-provided healthcare plan–with its loud opposition to government intrusion, falls afoul when consideringĀ  just a few of the Republican party’s recent propositions nationwide.

1) Intravaginal ultrasound mandate for those females considering abortion.

2) State amendments forbidding same-sex marriage.

3) Declaring the tiny cells beginning to form after a sperm reaches an egg a “person” and therefore inviolable.

Propositions such as these are founded and forever reliant upon GOVERNMENT INTRUSION, providing the lie to any declaration of ideology based on less government. Increasingly with Republican Party politics, it is not about less government, but about the same-size government enforcing a very particular ideological agenda.

Passing laws forbidding individuals to make their own choices takes just as much government as laws that protect and/or support these “dangerous” individuals.

Using a word like “war” does raise the stakes to a histrionic degree, so Obama was likely justified in his hesitancy. However, even a brief perusal of the past year’s state and national Republican-sponsored bills undeniably suggests that an insidious, misogynist, self-serving and hateful agenda has surged in prominence in the Republican mainstream political system.

Don’t wait for the draft! Educate yourself and your loved ones, vote, participate, and fight against the national Republican party and its violently patriarchal platform.


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