Football in the Ukraine

30 May

For the second time in a month, protestors from feminist action group FEMEN grabbed ahold of the Euro 2012 trophy cup.

Why are these acts garnering international attention? Well, because the women grabbing one of the world’s biggest football prizes are topless.

Members of the Ukranian feminist collective FEMEN have sweet-talked their way into promotional events for the European championship begining in June across Poland and the Ukraine, proceeding to subvert the events’ activities according to their own agenda. At issue for FEMEN is the likelihood of increased “sex tourism” during the tournament, a crisis that the members of FEMEN place at the forefront of their policy revolution. One of their central platforms is titled “Ukraine is not a Brothel,” and is devoted to the eradication of the burgeoning prostitution industry  in Ukraine, with its “sex tours,” red light districts, and tacit government sanction.

Would the activities of FEMEN receive so much attention if its members were clothed and/or unattractive? Probably not. Or, put another way–would the activities of FEMEN receive a more negatively-slanted form of publicity if its members were clothed and/or unattractive? Most definitely.

This being the case: that a pretty topless woman gains more curiousity and unwavering attention than a clothed ugly woman– can it also be surmised that the likelihood of the topless ingenue’s ire will be more objectively considered? Her rage at the system of female sexual enslavement, subordination and inequality cannot be written off as the irrelevant concerns of a harridan. For she is no harridan! No sir, she is a hot, sexy, skinny, nubile babe.

But, cannot it also be surmised that, in her more naked state, she is not just working within the system but validating it? Does a young beautiful woman with “Fuck Euro 2012” painted across her breasts assist in the destruction of a chauvinist state or a misogynist structure or a sexist sport culture?


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