Death by AK-47 for Afghan woman

10 Jul

A young Afghan woman, wife of a Talibani, was shot to death after being accused of adultery. Video of the event can easily be found online, the “God is great!” cheers of the male bystanders heard after the woman is shot several times by automatic weapon.

The hideousness of this incident is so obvious it almost needs no comment. The murder occurred in Pashwar Province, one of the “safer regions” closer to Kabul and home to many Western military forces. It does not matter how close a woman is to the occupying Americans, how close to the most cosmopolitan city in the country, how seemingly unfriendly to Taliban forces the area is supposed to be, and how completely chaste she is. All it takes is an accusation, one sentence decrying any woman’s character, and she is as good as dead.

These are the daily obstacles any woman faces in the country of Afghanistan.

July 11 Update:

Dozens of female activists protested near President Karzai’s compound in Kabul this morning, including a woman deformed from an acid attack by a spurned suitor, and another woman who, as a child bride, was tortured and imprisoned by her husband’s family after she refused to prostitute herself.

However Karzai responds, what effects could his government produce? His administration has completely and utterly failed in its battle against the Talibani resurrection, nor has the man himself ever convincingly argued for the rights of Afghan women. The protest is effective if it increases international awareness of  the plight of Afghanistan’s female citizens.


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